Poo Bear, one of the music industry’s most successful creative forces, released his single ‘Distant Shore‘ back in October.

Co-written by himself, Nabeel Y. Zahid, Sasha Sirota, Luis Manuel Martinez and Michael Michael, and co-produced by himself, Sasha Sirota, and SHDNO the song encapsulates that of a siren’s call.

Poo Bear sings, “From across the vast and open sea / Was it your sole mission to enchant me? / From across the ocean’s wide expanse / You’ve drawn me into your mystical trance.” 

Between his impassioned vocal and the track’s electronic, upbeat energy he has created the perfect song to dance to all night long. This is the first track of many, as an album is on its way. 

“It’s about a forbidden loveEvery time we think we’ve reached her, we wake up to the reality that she was only a dream.” – Poo Bear

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