It feels good to start my Sunday off with Pretty Sister in my ear. He has been one of my favorite artists for years and he never disappoints. His new track, ‘Bad Things’ is FIERCE! It’s a song that propelled him to the finals of NBC’s ‘Songland’ and was touted by songwriting juggernaut Ryan Tedder as having a “unicorn chorus.”

Hear it below.

‘Bad Things’ is off Pretty Sister’s expansive debut album: ‘Catalina’.

Catalina features 14 intentionally ordered tracks that range from funky and sensual to downright heartbreaking. Deeply personal and inspired by the cycle of a relationship across the course of many years, Pretty Sister shares his journey entering a relationship, leaving it, and being pulled back in only to repeat the cycle again. Exclaiming in the uptempo “XXX” “I cant stop fucking my ex!” and ending with the brutally sincere “Never Gonna Be,” he lifts us into the chorus with, “How could you love me well when you hate yourself? And it hurts like hell but you ain’t ever gonna be who I thought that you could be are you?

Catalina also comes equipped with new fan favorites in “Pull Me Back,” “Convenience” (co-written by Qveen Herby),  “Someone Else” (co-written with fellow Songland alumni Raquel Castro), and “Flirting With Disaster” to name a few. Already a seasoned performer, Pretty Sister simultaneously self-produced, mixed, and mastered Catalina making this LP all the more authentically Pretty Sister. His best work yet, the raw and mean-muggingly funky basslines glue seamlessly with the organic yet punchy drum sounds and the sparse use of vintage synthesizers. Sonically matching the lyrical landscape of this honest and introspective album, Pretty Sister goes where he has never before.  


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