The Phat Lady Sings – ‘Anything’

The Phat Lady Sings (don’t you just love their name?) are a collective of songwriters who are on a mission to break the mould in a music industry dominated by the Producer and Artist.

They recently released their tune ‘Anything’ and it’s an addictive dance tune with some soulful vocals. Stream the tune below

On ‘Anything’, the collective say: “Sometimes the creative process can sneak up on you…as was the case with ‘Anything’, one of us had an initial idea while walking home one night and recorded a note on our phone then forgot all about it. Months later while in the studio with Nutty P, we finished a project but still had an hour of studio time. Instead of jamming or leaving early, we remembered this lost voice note and played it to Nutty who started building beats around the top line. We carried on building the track…and 30 minutes later, it was done! Sometimes, but not often, it can be as easy as that”

The song’s official video dropped earlier today and you can check it out below


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