Pham & sober rob – ‘Alibi’ (feat. Madi)

This is a masterpiece

On the creative process behind the track, Pham and Sober Rob say, “We’d been doing some projects after we met in Los Angeles and there was one that caught our attention after a while. During the process we met Madi, an amazing singer. The decision was to set the sounds in contrast. We found our common creative ground with Madi: in this example the vocals became really light and instrumentation started to get gritty and hard hitting. It’s hard to write about the creative process because most of the time it’s just going back and forth. We wanted to introduce something new, push the envelope amongst the wave of replicating sound aesthetics (because that’s we believe keeps the music alive). To sum it up, what you’re about to hear is an otherworldly thing. An anthem, if you’d call it one.”


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