Penthouse Penthouse & Bobby Saint – ‘Upload’

Words escape me when I try to describe what Penthouse Penthouse and Bobby Saint do to my soul when I hear their music.

I first heard these two back in August of last year on ‘69′ Camaro‘ and I am not lying when I tell  you that song is still on heavy rotation on my playlist.

Now we have some new music from these two. They explain that ‘Upload’ at the surface is about a sex tape but it is really about its about sexual freedom and the idea of no terms, no preconceptions. Honestly, it’s some kinky sh**, but its classy.” – Penthouse Penthouse & Bobby Saint

Take it in below

‘Upload’ is the newest single from their debut collaborative EP, the ‘Upload EP’.

They say the whole EP is very sexual but its not about objectifying people like a lot of radio music.

“It’s bout mutual attraction, no barriers, just pure freedom and being who you are and enjoying what you do. DO YOU.”  – Penthouse Penthouse & Bobby Saint


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