Be prepared to get all in your feels with this track from OSKA. ‘Lousy T-Shirt’ tells a very familiar story for most of us who have gone through a break-up. The Vienna-based indie pop singer and songwriter delivers this highly personal track so perfectly that you will find yourself hanging on to her every word.

Check the official vertical video below.

“It’s about what´s left behind after an experience like that and how the relationship itself doesn´t feel real to you at all anymore. When you look back, it feels more like you´re watching a movie and not like you actually lived it. Sometimes you might also feel like the other person is getting over everything much more easily, and that all that´s left is a t-shirt – a statement from my ex-boyfriend. It’s a very personal song that I wrote at a stage when I was really angry. After writing, it I wasn´t anymore. That´s the beauty of songwriting – you have such joy with the new track that you forget everything else. Sometimes that is what´s left after a relationship too: a lousy t-shirt and a song.“ – OSKA


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