Recently, Folk music has given me the peace and contentment I’ve needed these last few weeks and now I can add Ocie Elliott’s ‘Slow Tide’ to that list.

It’s so calming and soothing.

Of the song, they say:

“This was another song that surfaced from our writing retreat. The location of the place we were staying was perched on a high bluff, overlooking the calm, summer sea. On the first evening there, Sierra started playing this piano riff––it sounded like a small, steady motion that was gaining momentum and leading to something bigger, like a massive ocean swell forming. The lyrics of the song reflect this feeling, but also speak about rediscovering oneself after a period of dullness. The biggest and best stages of growth often follow the darkest periods of decline––this song is about finding that power within after a time of feeling like one had lost it.” 

Hear it below

‘Slow Tide’ is the title track to their upcoming EP out in March.