Newtimers – ‘Game Over’ C&G mix (Vertical video)

A few weeks ago, Swedish RnB group Newtimers revealed their new video for ‘Game Over’, released via Cosmos Music. The group, Andreas Brutton Cavaco (vocals) and Tim Lundblad (drums and production), bring that electro pop vibe sprinkled with originality.

The track is buttery smooth and I found myself getting lost in the magic.

Speaking about the song, the band says, “We were both dating models around the same time, both of them living for the lens and all that’s portrayed in pictures. We didn’t fit into the frame and neither did they actually, all you really saw was ego. Fakeness got real. We broke up. And it resulted in Game Over.”

Check it out

Speaking on the video, the band added, “The video was done in one take, live, right then and there. We wanted to give people a portrait of us and our essence, bad dance moves and all. [Director] John Artur channels us like no other”


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