I want to shout Welcome Back! to Natalie McCool as her last appearance on the blog was more than five years ago. Her music was always a fav of mine so I’m glad to see her on the blog again and with such a fantastic tune.

‘Devils’ is her second single of the year and was co-written with Daniel Haggis of The Wombats, gives us another hint of what to expect.

Speaking about the track, Natalie said:

“Devils is essentially about allowing yourself every once in a while to give into emotions that are traditionally seen as negative, and that’s okay, because we are only human and need to experience and accept these feelings to be whole. I think giving someone the space and support to say anything and everything they are experiencing or thinking, and for that also to be ok, is an amazing way to accept and move on. In a way it’s taking away the stigma and shame of these feelings and turning the experience into something positive that will make you stronger.” – Natalie McCool

Take in the magic below.

So good!!


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