Memoir – ‘Castles In The Sky’

Memoir’s ‘Castles In The Sky’ is some powerful music

‘Castles in the Sky’ is the first release from their upcoming EP “Manifesto”. Memoir is a songwriting duo, comprised of lead singer and lyricist Dena Deadly and music producer, Zed Kelley.

Stream it below

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“We want you to know that we see you! We see how the lack of government regulation has allowed you to expand in a despicable way, & at a very high cost for the planet and the other 99%. We see how you rig and steal elections, while creating and feeding us conflict that keeps us divided and unfocused. We will be watching the next time you use the vast majority of our precious federal tax dollars to bail out the banks & take us to war; later, proclaiming that there is nothing left for education & social welfare. We are horrified by your drones and your atomic bombs, and it has become clearer than ever, that we are running out of time. And so it’s time to put our boots on!” Dena


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