Matt Lovell – ‘Trouble’ (Official Music Video)

The moment I clicked play on Matt Lovell’s ‘Trouble’ I started smiling immediately. We get to see Matt be his authentic self and it is a joy to watch and I feel like he is now my best friend. And let’s talk about those soulful vocals! Whew.

Check it out

“Trouble” feels like an anthem for me. It has an attitude—but I can’t decide if it’s a bad attitude or not. That might not be for me to decide.  I wrote it in a time when I was feeling very out of sorts. I was in the throes of typical mid-20s stuff. I was broke. I was going out on dates. I was going out with friends and staying out late into the night. I was facing myself, too.  I’ve found in life that you can survive just about any era if you can find a way to keep a light heart, and that’s what this song is about.  

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