Mason Murphy – ‘Fix Myself’

Mason Murphy is sharing such an important message in his new track ‘Fix Myself’.

He sings:

I need to get my shit together
Break me out of this shell
‘Cause I can’t love somebody
Till I fix myself

Words that hit hard. I think it is important before you welcome someone new into your life that you work on healing from past pains and fixing yourself. And Mason delivers this message so beautifully.

Speaking about the song, Mason said:

“Fix Myself” Is a new chapter for me not only musically, but it is also where I am at in life at the moment. When things aren’t working the way you want them to, it is always easy to look outward and blame it on your surroundings or an outside force. However, I think the first place you should start is looking on the inside and ask yourself what you can do to make your own situation better. I am known to create pretty somber vibes, but decided to amp this one up a bit in my own way.”

Hear the track below


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