I listen to Luis Paul’s ‘Eternal’ and it doesn’t take me long to get lost in the beauty of it, and I enjoy every second, and then it ends. My heart drops for a moment because it’s over, but thankfully, I can just hit play again and again, and I can return to my little cocoon where it’s just me and this stunning piece of music.

Hit play below and enjoy.

Speaking about the song, Luis said:

With this song I tried to capture 2 sides of humanity. One is more mundane: our small, individual life with all the many events, strokes of fate and people we have learned to love and let go. We think we are so important and yet everything is temporary. So big and yet so small. 

The second side in us is our striving to find or bequeath something for eternity, even though we may never be able to do it. It is our longing for something or someone to remain. 

Something “Eternal”.

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