Lucinda Belle – ‘I’ll Be Loving You’

I’m a sucker for that retro sound and Lucinda Belle, with her flawless vocals, is giving me that 50s jazz vibe with a little of Amy Winehouse thrown in delivering a song that is simply unforgettable.

Speaking about the track, Lucinda says, “This song was the first song written on my forthcoming album Think Big : Like Me, I remember feeling so raw in my emotions at the time, that I was crying and laughing at my crying in between verses. I wanted to write something with groove, depth and sentimentality, Also I wanted authenticity all the way, so I chose Toe Rag Studio to cut this song using an 8 track 50’s recording studio in two live takes. The warmth you feel on this recording isn’t digitally manufactured it’s from a 1950’s pre amps, spring verbs and desk.”

Stream it below



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