It only took me a few seconds to be hooked on Lola Scott’s ‘Take Me Back’. Her vocals really soar and she sounds amazing. I take it as an honor to have the opportunity to share this level of talent with you.

So here you go:

I wrote Take Me Back in the perspective of being at the end of a long term relationship & reminiscing on when you first met and how easy it is to dive into something new with no fears & no walls up. Especially with those big loves of your life its easy to throw logic & overthinking out the window when you start seeing someone without being prepared to work through the struggles that most people face when a relationship gets more serious. In the second verse I skip to the present when I was writing the song and the relationship was hanging on by a thread & I’d lost sight of myself. I found myself holding onto the feelings of nostalgia from the start of the relationship instead of letting go even though it had evolved into something toxic for both of us. Writing these types of songs helps me regain perspective of how I’m really feeling.


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