LHĒON’s soulful vocals will draw you in from the moment you press play on her new track, ‘let down your guard’. It’s a song about the desire for connectivity through opening up, and it came to her at a time when she herself needed to do exactly that.

“I had hit a low point in my life, and I was tired of the way I was measuring the value of my life and myself; what I looked like, who I loved, what was in my bank account. I realised that that had very little to do with the way I truly want to spend my time on Earth, and re-discovering that was a really important turning point for me personally, and creatively”.

‘Let Down Your Guard’ is a ‘look in the mirror’ and a call to positive self-affirmation. It challenges us all to embrace our so-called imperfections and to delicately trace the cracks in our carefully maintained veneers as the unique roadmaps of our life’s experience and lived-in joys and hurts – not something broken – but something beautiful.

Check out the video below.

The song features the mercurial vocal talents of US-based Artist DeAndre; best known for his run to the Top 8 of American Idol’s Season 11.


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