Leila Milki – ‘Leil Ya Leil’

Leila Milki’s ‘Leil Ya Leil’ is so beautiful. The song which means ‘Night Oh Night’ is an original Arabic/English fusion written by Leila. That fusion is mesmerising as I get lost listening to all the different elements and those enchanting vocals.

Leila said the song is a nostalgic homage to Lebanon, “combining poetic storytelling, soulful vocals, traditional Arabic instrumentation, organic and dynamic rhythms, and contemporary pop elements to capture a longing for home.”

Hear it below

“As a multilingual Lebanese-American singer, songwriter, and pianist, I seek to celebrate diversity and infuse popular music with rich cultural stylings, bridging East and West in song.” – Leila Milki

I am eager to hear more from her.


Leila Milki on Twitter

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