Kyan – ‘Like Summer’

Singer/Songwriter/Producer Kyan has recently returned with a AA single release – his first new music in 2 years from ‘Nothing Beyond’ – a 10 track visual album. I’ll be honest it took me a few listens to really get into this track but when I did, I was hooked. Kyan has a tremendous talent and he takes the listener on a lovely musical journey on ‘Like Summer’.

Asked why he was going with a AA release Kyan said:

‘Nothing Beyond’ is the title track, first song on the album and essentially where my story and the concept of the album begins. I wrote it after a major record deal ended and a long term relationship crumbled within the same 24 hours. “All of the sign posts to who I am and what I was about were suddenly taken away. The question became, who the fuck am I? It was like I had been dropped in the middle of a post apocalyptic desert, left to figure out how to survive and thrive and how to find meaning and direction again.

On the flip side ’Like Summer’ was the final song I wrote for the album, it was actually a last minute addition as the album was being mixed. I kind of caught myself off guard with that one. I had spent so long in the world I’ve just described that after I wrote the chords and the lyric “Now I’m awake everything feels like summer” came to me it was the first moment I realised that I was actually starting to come out of the other side. I’ve always thought that depression is like sleep paralysis. You’re aware it’s happening, you’re trying to do everything you can to pull yourself out of it, but you can’t do anything about it. ‘Like Summer’ was me finally waking up from that two year sleep, so it’s a very special song for me.

It feels good to be able to tell my truth whilst also being able to show other people and myself that even from that dark place there’s always a way out. ‘

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