KIT – ‘How Hard’

Kit (Kate Watts) has so much soul and you feel it when you listen to the way she delivers each note on ‘How Hard’.

Finding inspiration to create the song through retelling the experiences of those closest to her, Kate found catharsis of her own.

“The track originated from a drunken night with a best mate, and her experiences of never-ending heartbreak with an on- again-off-again partner. I wanted so badly to tell her to walk away, but I could see how much she loved this person. I used the words of a poem she shared with me to fuel the song. It was almost finished, when I found myself experiencing something similar with someone close to me. You love someone so much that you can’t seem to break away, even though it’s destroying every part of you. I used the last part of writing to get my own pain out and in front of me. It is now so personal for me as it holds a memory of so many people I love in it.

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