KING – ‘Promise’

Gabriela Olmedo Catalán aka KING bursts onto the scene this June with the release of her debut single ‘Promise’, a flawlessly produced, life-affirming neo-soul anthem that establishes her as one of the year’s hottest new talent.

Speaking on the track, KING says: “The truth is not always visible, and when it comes to love it can be hard to know whether people’s intentions are the same as yours. In a world where a laugh is not necessarily a laugh and a smile is not that truthful anymore, stating ‘promise you’ll lead me along’ is a vow we all need to be able to love and feel loved.”

Stream the track below

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Born in Copenhagen in 1990 to a Cuban mother and a Chilean father, KING’s uncle was one of Fidel Castro’s personal bodyguards, setting the scene for a life less ordinary from the outset. At 11 she began honing her performance skills by dancing with local street dance outfits and quickly joined a Copenhagen urban dance academy and by 18 she was earning her living as a dance teacher. Over the past year she’s been crafting her unique brand of contagious sounds with aspiring talents such as Marcus Bormann who produces this remarkable debut.


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