Justin Jesso, Nina Nesbitt – ‘Let it Be Me’

This video for Justin Jesso and Nina Nesbitt’s ‘Let it Be Me’ is so well done! I thoroughly enjoyed watching it as I fell in love with the song.

The original version of it is the opening song of Justin’s debut EP which shares the same title. I think adding Nina gave the song that extra oomph.

Speaking about the track, Justin said, “I knew the song needed something special to finish it off, and when I heard Nina for the first time, I knew she was the missing piece. Vocally, she is a gentle powerhouse and her voice has this emotional honesty that just jumps off records while also drawing you in.”

Nina adds, “I came across Justin on the Kygo track, ‘Stargazing’. I instantly fell in love with his voice and when he reached out to collab I was really excited about it. ‘Let It Be Me’ is such a beautiful song and feels like the perfect track to collab on.”

Check out the video below.




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