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Joshua Radin – ‘Fewer Ghosts’ [Official Music Video]

Joshua Radin has shared the deeply personal and reflective ‘Fewer Ghosts‘, a confessional ballad exploring the realization that to welcome in romantic love, he must become fully self-aware.

This is a beautiful song and Joshua’s vocals are stunning!

Speaking about the track, Joshua said:

“I’ve had a lot of ghosts in my past. I’ve also built walls around me. I can be affable socially in the right circumstances, but people don’t get in very far. Did I have these walls up so people in my life became ghosts after I didn’t let them in? Or, would people hurt me, leave me, and become ghosts that I’d think about and write about? Are they the reasons I built up wall after wall? It’s a theme I’m fixated on.”

‘Fewer Ghosts’ is from his upcoming full-length, The Ghost and the Wall, out July 23rd


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