Music lovers, let me introduce to your new favourite artist. Jett Kwong.

Jett is an LA-based artist whose work, according to the press release, “is colored by themes such as family, her identity as a mixed heritage woman, and the complexities of colonial history. ‘Our identities are colored by the context in which we are in – the way we grow up, our appearance, and our basic interests and beliefs’. It is through this belief that she channels her desire to seek out the true roots of individuality.”

Her leading single ‘Away’ narrates the exploration of the mundanity and frustration we experience working towards our aspirations. An examination into the monotony of facilitating creative endeavors

As I laid back and listened to this song, it did not take me long to fall in love with her voice. It is stunning, and those harmonies are out of this world. She is an artist I can listen to all day.

Check her out below


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