January May – ‘Young’

January May gives you a soothing ballad on ‘Young’, their first single off their debut album ‘Troublemade’

About January May:

Matthew Campbell and Kg Lillian established January May, in January 2011 in the town of Union, Missouri. Kg wrote acoustic pieces individually for a few years when she saw Matthew performing in one of his two local bands and the two decided to blend their sounds into one project. In 2013, January May entered in a competition on; a platform for musicians to get their music out and compete for first place prize of $10,000. With a supportive team behind them and the determination to win, Matthew and Kg began to play surrounding schools to promote themselves. After obtaining a close second in February 2013, Adam Zimmer joined the band as the bassist. With Adam on board and Zech Campbell joining the team as manager, Matthew and Kg began to write feverishly for a debut album. The sound grew from an acoustic duo to an pop rock trio, a fullness settling over their once delicate style.

Listen to the song below


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