This is what good Pop music sounds like. Jake Hays really delivers with his new track, ‘OVERCOMPLICATED’, a song about the aftermath of a bad first date, where one person is trying to put up clear boundaries and the other person refuses to take the hint.

And can we talk about this music video? It reminds me of those Pop videos in the early 2000s when there was an actual story being told. I love it!

Speaking about the concept, Jake said:

I’m such a fan of the horror genre, and my go-to book of choice as a kid was always Goosebumps. I have so many vivid memories involving that series that I really want to pay homage to the overall genre of humorous (borderline non-threatening) horror. We thought of one of the most famous horrors of all time, the SAW series, and thought that a play on that with a life-size Devilboy character as the instigator would be a ton of fun. Instead of actually getting tortured (which would be no fun to watch), we wanted it to be a series of playful but insane head-scratching events. It’s the worst possible fallout of a bad date, getting trapped and tortured. Having the captor be an ex-date was an add-on we thought would add another level of reasoning to why this was all happening. She’s seeking justice, he has no idea what’s going on. The final product still blows me away for something we pulled off in only…. 22 straight hours. 


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