INViDA, Juliette Reilly, Muza – ‘Chameleon’

INViDA, Juliette Reilly and Muza have collaborated to create ‘Chameleon’, a song with a marvelous vibe.

According to the press release, “‘Chameleon’ celebrates the importance of being yourself. The character in the song unapologetically uses the metaphor of being a Chameleon to describe her many moods and sides of her personality (i.e. – “Colors”). Even though the road isn’t always easy, we always have to stay true to who we are. You should never allow people to put you in a box, label you, or force you to be someone that you’re not, because in the end you only truly belong to yourself.”

So true! Now enjoy the track below

This is going to be on repeat for a long time


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