Happy Sometimes – ‘Love For The Weekend’

Happy Sometimes returns with her newest track, ‘Love For The Weekend’, the second single from her upcoming EP Heartbreaker.

The track has such a marvelous vibe, it’s exactly what I needed to really enjoy this weekend. Hear it below

For the track, Happy Sometimes collaborated with 15-year-old Swedish Wonderkid Producer Elton Holmsten.
“I got sent some tracks from this incredible 15-year-old producer, Elton Holmsten. We went back and forth sending ideas online before we finally met up in LA where we wrote ‘Love For The Weekend’. My music is usually pretty emotional and introspective so ‘Love For the Weekend’ shows a different side to me…I got to think outside of my head and just have fun with it. You can really feel that ‘Don’t give a fuck Only got Love For The Weekend’ attitude on this song”


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