Gothic Tropic – ‘Drunk On A Rhythm’

I am swooning as I listen to Gothic Tropic’s ‘Drunk On A Rhythm’. The LA Indie Pop artist has delivered a divine piece of music.

Speaking about the song, Gothic Tropic (Cecilia Victoria) says, “Lyrically, ‘Drunk on a Rhythm’ is about meeting someone new and being magnetized to see each other “every other day,” because your energies are undeniable. I recorded this with my good friend Jon Joseph, whose visionary approach to the production brought the song into a delicious analog air tight world, featuring Dusty Moon on drums, and Max Kaplan on saxophone. Fun fact, I went to high school with both of them! Putting this positive foot forward for summer feels appropriately indulgent.”

Check it out below

What a marvelous vibe.

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