As we head into a brand new week, Flynn Marks will give you the inspiration you need with his latest single, ‘Grow’.

Reflecting on a time when things weren’t as simple or straightforward, Flynn uses his personal growth to inflict pride and resilience into his latest effort, marking a powerful benchmark in his prowess as an artist so far.

Speaking about the new release, he said: 

“‘Grow’ looks back to the darkest of my days, and talks about a time where I felt lost, unstable and hopeless. this songs a nod to anyone who currently feels like they’re stuck in the same cycles and patterns that they can’t seem to break, and hopefully it’ll go some way to show that if you’re fortunate enough to lean on the ones who love you and constantly search for things that make you happier, with enough practise you can pull yourself out of the mud and hope for better days ahead.”

Stream the song below.

Another stunning track from a very talented artist ❤️


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