Florian Picasso – ‘Final Call’

This is my first Florian Picasso tune and I’m hooked. The man is good!

‘Final Call’ is a beautiful track that has flawless vocals, a big production and a drop that will blow your mind.

Stream it below

Want to know something interesting? Florian Picasso is the great grandson of Pablo Picasso.

We have a video to go along with this great song.
The animated masterpiece has been produced by Festival de Cannes nominated crew Fauns / Clubbing Vision, who have also worked on projects for the acclaimed movie Mad Max. The video tells the poignant story of Chanh, the main character, who worked in the minefields of Vietnam in the minefields. After seeing his grandma killed by a mine explosion Chanh left everything behind and moved to Hanoi to begin a new life. Now he works at a factory, but his daily routine still remains the same: wake up, go to work. Then one day, everything changes. Check out what happens to Chanh below.


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