Flawes – ‘Here To Stay’

Flawes’ ‘Here To Stay’ is definitely in my top ten favourite songs for the Summer. The Goldhouse produced electro-pop masterpiece has this marvelous vibe that I truly can’t get enough of.

Released via Red Bull Records on June 12, the track was accompanied by a vertical music video where you get to see intimate footage of the band’s summer memories including a recording trip to LA and the jovial celebrations of England reaching the World Cup semi-finals.

Check it out

“It is an open letter to myself about the feeling of doubt that creeps in after you haven’t quite achieved what you set out to achieve just yet.” Explains front man JC. “It takes a journey through the questions you ask yourself during this period. The song then comes to the conclusion that I do actually belong here, I am “here to stay” and that I need to stop coming up with silly excuses and to overcome any self-doubt.”


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