Faith Richards

Faith Richards’ new single, ‘Shower Me’, really touches this soul. Her tender vocals leave a lasting impression as she encourages us to shower ourselves with all that we need.

Speaking about the track, Faith Richards said:

“‘Shower Me’ is the first release from my debut album, I’ll Bloom When I’m Ready. This Neo-Soul/R&B single was born when I accepted myself as I am – my unfiltered thoughts, the raw truth of my 23 years on this Earth, even the parts I’d tried so hard to bury. I stood, naked, and accepted every moment I’ve been through, every flaw I have, every burst of laughter I’ve expressed, every pain and every joy. I accepted all of me. The true, unedited, raw me. And I wanted to give her all the love and patience she deserves. 

Stream this beautiful song below.

“My loves, please shower yourself in all you need – forgiveness, compliments, strength and total acceptance. It’s all within you. I hope you accept this song as a healing gift from me to you. And on days when you can’t find peace amidst it all, know that I’m here, cheering you on. We’ve got this.”