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Elisa Imperilee, Srigala – ‘Water’ (Produced by Srigala)

This track by Elisa Imerilee and Srigala has such the perfect vibe. It’s chill, soulful and just so good!

‘Water’ is a haunting tale of empowerment following Elisa’s journey through isolation and fear as she faces her feelings. The track is self-released with the support of the HELP MUSICIANS DO IT DIFFERENTLY AWARD and follows Elisa’s most recent release with MANIK MC as part of THE SILHOUETTES PROJECT.

About the track, Elisa said:

“People always told me that time was a healer. But sometimes time isn’t enough and the difficult truth is that you have to put in work to heal yourself. When I wrote this song I was in a dark place yet somehow this felt more comfortable than the prospect of facing the feelings I had been avoiding for a long time. I was becoming aware of the trap I was in and this song chronicles my coming to terms with the fact I had to dive into those difficult emotions to get out of it.”

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