El Train x Alexa Harley – ‘Down For You’

When I got this submission it was just 30-seconds long due to geo-restrictions but those 30 seconds were enough for me to know this was a song I wanted to share on the blog. I really dug the chill soulful vibe that El Train created as well as Alexa Harley’s vocals.

Speaking about the track, El Train said:

“I first heard Alexa on Tom Misch’s Beat Tape 2 way back in 2015 and have been a big fan ever since. The collaboration actually started over e-mail, I sent her a batch of beats and we then got into the studio to record the track, tweaking it until we finally got to this version that we both loved!”

When asked about the collaboration, Alexa said

“‘Down For You’ tells the story of being ‘friend-zoned’ after several weeks of dating. As a songwriter, it was really therapeutic to compose the lyrics in a chronological order to really set the scene, using a mixture of phrases from the other person’s experience as well as my own. I have some truly wonderful mates from a couple of previously failed flings, but this time around I decided to focus on what was best for me and moving on, rather than trying to keep this person in my life because I liked having them around (and probably for the wrong reasons). In essence, the song is also about self-love; choosing to do the hard thing and letting go of someone, even though you’d rather not.”


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