Dylan Dunlap – ‘Another Holiday’

Dylan Dunlap’s stellar vocal performance on ‘Another Holiday’ is giving me goosebumps. He makes some notes on this track, that just made me stop and say…

On the track, he reflects on how lonely the holidays can be for many, including himself.

Speaking about the song, Dylan said:

“Holidays tend to be pretty difficult for me as I don’t really have a close relationship with anyone in my family. Last Christmas was definitely the loneliest one yet, but it at least offered up an amazing opportunity to enjoy time to myself and reflect. We often forget how heavy this time can be for others and I would just love to use my platform to make them feel seen and heard during it. My lyrics always maintain some sort of uplifting agenda, which is what makes this release that much more special. It isn’t optimistic. Sometimes people need to hear that it’s okay to be upset, angry, confused, and depressed. I’ve come to find that a lot of my life has been made up of growing through grieving and that’s exactly the kind of environment I want to welcome my listeners into with this. I hope it can be heard by those that need to hear it and look forward to reminding myself that I’m the only one hurting this holiday season.”

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