Daniella Mason – ‘Deepest Of Wells’ Official Video

My heart is full as I write this because Daniella Mason has been an artist I’ve admired for a long time. Her music has always brought me joy. It has been almost a year since she last appeared on the blog but she’s back with a beautiful song and video.

‘Deepest of Wells’ is a dreamy piece of music that is giving me all the feels and the visuals are out of this world.

Explaining the video, Mason said, “The aim was to create a dream sequence. It felt like the only way to make this beautifully existential feeling of wandering throughout your mind… how aimless and untethered it can feel. But this video also tells the story of inviting someone into the farthest reaches of your psyche, both dark and light, and the vulnerability of it all. When it came to the specific visuals we wanted to incorporate, I wanted to pull directly from the way I have pictured my own mind… the dark, small corners that have turned into vast, bright space; the deep well turned ocean turned dry land; and the chaos brought into order.”

Enjoy it below


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