Dagny – ‘Wearing Nothing’

I’ll be honest, I almost passed on this track but I’m so glad I didn’t. I have no idea what I was thinking before because this track is perfect!

Dagny is a Norwegian artist and her song ‘Wearing Nothing is an addictive pop gem.

Hear it below

On the song Dagny notes: “When we were getting video treatments for “Wearing Nothing”​ earlier this spring​​ everyone kept sending treatments that ended with ’..And then Dagny takes her clothes off.’​ I would laugh, because some of them were just wild. The song is called “Wearing Nothing” but it’s not just about wanting to be naked with someone. It’s about wanting to be completely bare with someone and to be as close as possible both emotionally and physically even to the point where a piece of clothing feels like too much in-between. I believe it’s my most intimate song to date.”


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