D.B. Ricapito – ‘Touch’

D.B. Ricapito is definitely making waves. Following his last single, ‘Picture’ which has accumulated over 350K streams over all DSPs, the young artist released his new track, ‘Touch’. A song that really hits hard given the time we live in now, where we aren’t allowed to reach out and embrace our loved ones.

He sings:

I don’t think we’ll ever know when this is gonna end 

I don’t think I knew you quite enough to miss you yet

Wanna put my arms around you whenever I can

Just wanna touch you but I can’t touch you 

Wish that I could show you all the things I never said 

I don’t know many chances that I’m gonna get

None of us can ever really know what lies ahead

I wanna touch you but I can’t touch you

Stream the song below

“If you’ve ever missed anyone, you’ll be able to relate to the lyrics of this song. It speaks to the feeling of just missing being around the people we cared about – family, friends, lovers and especially my fans.” says DB.

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