Col3man & Carling’s ‘How Low’ will be your new favourite track. The song is a Pop collaboration between the rising Los Angeles artists that has garnered more than 200,000 plays on Spotify. That figure does not surprise me at all. The song is addictive af.

Hear it below

Speaking about the track Col3man said, “In the couple years I’ve been friends with Carling, we always talked about making a song together, and I’m so glad we finally did. Ever since the first session I knew this song was something special. After months of work, I couldn’t be more excited to let the world hear our song.”

Carling said, “‘How Low’ is a very special song. It has made me feel that it’s ok to have your heart broken. ‘How Low’ is the hug that we all need when we don’t know who to talk to because we miss someone. I don’t know whether to dance or cry to this song. It’s in-between pop and dance music. It’s in-between happy and sad. It’s the grey area we have all been in, and it makes the grey comfortable rather than confusing.”


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