Cimo Fränkel – ‘Never Give Up’ Remixes

Armin van Buuren collaborator and producer Cimo Fränkel released a remix package for ‘Never Give Up’ on January 26 with remixes by filous, Chevrae, and ChildsPlay x Noise Cartel.

filous animates the earnest atmosphere of ‘Never Give Up’ through sweeps and swells, opening with sincere, heartfelt guitar melodies, before Cimo’s crisp, signature vocals kick in, leading clicked percussion and a steady beat.

Filous explains his process when remixing Cimo Fränkel, “The most exciting but at the same time, hard part about making this remix for Cimo was his incredible voice. Everything you do as a producer instantly sounds a million times better when his vocals are on it, so it’s easy to feel comfortable really quick – but I tried to give my best nonetheless and had a lot of fun trying to challenge myself to make something that can live up to his insane vocal level!”

Stream it below

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