This is art. This is talent. This is the kind of music that touches your soul.

Can Ducrot’s ‘fucked up all the time’ is a poignant and vivid vignette of a very specific moment in his life and I want to thank him for being this open and honest.

“I was at home, I’d dropped out of the Royal Academy, and there was a backlash from my family, even my friends, telling me: ‘That’s the worst decision you could have possibly made. You’re broke. What are you going to do?’ I was alone in my room and I voice noted a lyric: ‘I’m so sick of feeling so fucked up all the time.’ Then I sat down and started playing piano, at one in the morning. It all flooded out. I’d felt awful. But then I felt better.”

Can deserves a round of applause. So here you go…