I am dancing while singing along to Charlotte OC’s new track. ‘Falling For You’ is a vibrant pop track that has become my latest obsession.

I hear a little bit of soul tied in with some 80s synths but there’s still that modern sound and let’s talk about Charlotte OC’s powerful vocals, singing the lyrics that tell the story of falling in love.

Speaking on “Falling For You”, Charlotte OC says,

“Im very good at making every song i write very sad. i literally cannot help or stop myself. Since being a child i’ve always been attracted to the darker sounds and shades of life. However when my sister gave birth to my beautiful nephew Louis, i suddenly felt a whole new feeling id never felt before. Not only a whole new respect for love but a love for life itself. How amazing it is to be able to have a brand new member of the family that has little pieces of all the people you love and also to acquire a instant need to protect and love this human within a millisecond of meeting them. My mind had been well and truly blown and my heart had been stolen without me knowing. This song is about falling in love. This song is for my little Louis.”

Excuse me while I do the moonwalk in my room.


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