Charlotte OC – ‘Better Off On My Own’

Charlotte OC’s ‘Better Off On My Own’ is one song that will make you feel invincible. From the moment you click play, you hear Charlotte vocals soar as she delivers lyrics that grab you immediately.

The song, according to Charlotte, was written after a random encounter in a bathroom at a gig.

“I was having a heart to heart with my friend in the toilet about my love life. As I finished the conversation, a woman came out the cubical and told she had overheard everything” she explains, “The woman said to me “stop trying to have ownership over somebody…you crave freedom so take it”. She was right, I needed to be on my own. It was the first time I had considered it, and this song was crucial for me to write. It’s the most honest song I’ve ever written.”

Stream it below

‘Better Off On My Own’ is off Charlotte’s forthcoming EP, set to drop early Autumn 2019.



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