CHARLOTTE – ‘I Tell Lies’ [Official Music Video]

CHARLOTTE will become your new favourite artist in just a few minutes. The UK singer recently shared the official video for her debut single, ‘I Tell Lies’ taken from the ‘Nowhere To Hide’ EP out on May 3.

Directed by Tommy Davis (Billie Eilish, Rat Boy) the poignant video sees us glimpsing into CHARLOTTE’s young life with original childhood footage cut between a dynamic performance surrounded by her hometown friends.

CHARLOTTE explains “I wanted to create something that showed the contrast between me being an unfiltered, happy child with no inhibitions and the grown-up me that masks my true emotions by putting on an act. Working with Tommy was the perfect person to help me create something nostalgic, authentic to me and unmistakably British in its aesthetic. I went through hours and hours of old home footage to get the childhood footage. We filmed the performance scenes in a pub with my mates because that’s where most of the nights that inspired this song started. This is my first ever music video, I’m nervous for people to see it but very proud of what we’ve made.”

Okay, now get ready to fall in love

I just love the soulfulness of her voice, it’s incredible to hear.


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