Cat Dealers, Bruno Martini, Joy Corporation – ‘Gone Too Long’

It was back in January I first posted this track and since then it has garnered over 7.3 million streams. Now we have the official music video and I am just as excited as I was the first time I heard the song.

Presented as a free interpretation of the lyrics, the video follows Cat Dealers and contemporary dancer Pam de Brito on an old farm in Osasco, Brazil. The brother duo wanted to create an artistic and conceptual music video that allowed each viewer to interpret the essence of the song differently.

Check it out

“Even before the track was released we knew that we wanted to make a music video for ‘Gone Too Long’ that was different from anything we’d ever done before. The idea was to do something more artistic and with no linear story, that could have a unique meaning for each person who watched the video. We ended up getting to know Philippe’s (Noguchi) work and he sent us a script that we found absolutely crazy (laugh), but that had everything to do with the ideas that we had in mind. We hope you guys will enjoy it and make a few theories on what it means” – Cat Dealers


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