Caroline Kole – ‘Freaking Out!’

I’ve been featuring Caroline Kole’s music for a while now and I must say her latest tune is my absolute favorite.

‘Freaking Out!’ is the title track of her new EP. I’m excited about this because as a fan of her music, you get to hear her growth as an artist and it is incredible.

Stream the song below

“I’m freaking out about my life in general right now,” shares Cole. “I feel this EP is an accumulation all of those emotions! I’m feeling sassy, uncertain, empowered, but overall I’m freaking out! I’m excited for
this new chapter, and excited to share it with you all!”

FREAKING OUT! EP Track Listing

1. Freaking Out (Caroline Kudelko, Sam Martinez, Lauren Mandel, Seth Meyer, Giordan Postorino) 

2. Easy (Kudelko,Cody Nadeau, Cameran Alexander)

3. Missing Each Other (Kudelko, Stephen Schmuldt, Jillian Linklater)

4. Heart Break Lights (Kudelko, Schmuldt, Robyn Collins)

5. Karma (Kudelko, Nadeau, Alexander)

6. Should Have Known (Kudelko, Rune Westberg)


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