Camden Williams – ‘Home’

Camden Williams’ ‘Home’ is phenomenal. The talented artist wrote this song about his struggles in the city of Los Angeles.

“At first, listeners may assume its a love/hate relationship song but in reality its the push/pull struggle I constantly have living here (should I stay or should I go?). The lyrics mention “Got no breath in my lungs from the fire”.. in reference to the recent fires along the west coast.. as if wearing masks to protect from covid didn’t make air consumption hard enough. In the song “when I lay in your bed I get lost there”.. this is calling attention to the state of borderline depression I was in, unable to get out of my bed here in Los Angeles. Ultimately the message of the song is “No matter how down I get, or frustrating life may be, every morning I still wake up here and do it all over again. This city is entrancing.”

The way he tells this story while delivering those perfect notes, its absolutely masterful.

Click play below.

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