My Brothers And I – ‘When You’re Ready’ (AUDIO)

My Brothers And I’s ‘When You’re Ready’ has become my latest obsession. It’s really a stellar pop track.

The band, which consists of Wurgler brothers Erik (bass/vocals), David (lead vocals), and Scott (drums), along with childhood friend Jordan Roach (guitar), have released two efforts prior, a digital-only EP, ‘Live Sessions’ (which led to a label contract with Expunged Records) and last year’s full length debut Don’t Dream Alone.

“We feel like we’ve really grown and expanded our sound,” Erik insists. “We experimented with the way we recorded. That involved tracking the instruments differently, layering on more vocals and taking more of a hybrid approach with both electronic and acoustic instruments.”

“We all contribute lyrically and pull from our experiences with relationships — some romantic, some not,” David suggests. “Our lyrics are very personal, but even the songs we write on our own have different meanings for each of us individually. On the other hand, we like to write in a way that lets people find their own personal meaning or connection to the lyrics.”

“Our biggest strength is that we can all sit in a room together and actually play our instruments,” Scott adds. “So much of the music you hear today is created by one person isolated in a room. We can jam out ideas and truly collaborate when a song feels like it’s missing something.”
Scott notes that he personally took some chances this time around. “I’ve always been inspired by the way Pharrell produces,” he mentions. “As a result, I chose to record acoustic drums with layered percussion and create our own clap and snap samples. I think it brings a lot of character to the music.”


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