Brittany Campbell – ‘I Want You’

Brittany Campbell’s ‘I Want You’ is perfect.

Brittany belts out soul piercing notes as she expresses to her love, how much she wants them. This is a song that will hold on to you and not let go.

‘I Want You’ is part of a six song EP called “Stay Gold: Pt 1” which the singer/songwriter will be releasing in four parts over the course of this year.

Britttany tells MIML that the project is sort of an exploration of sounds and feels.

“Before this, I was doing the pop thing hard core, mainly because i was performing in clubs. With Stay Gold, I’m choosing to indulge in my other sounds that are a little more authentic to who I am as an artist…they’ll be a lot more elements of R&B, and Rock in the upcoming releases,” she said.

She says she wants to make throwback material inspired by the people that shaped her musicality. These include Erykah Badu, The Neptunes, Missy Elliot, Aaliyah, Janet Jackson, Phil Spector, Rilo Kiley, No Doubt, Amy Winehouse, Andre 3000, Motown, Areatha, The Emotions, The Beach Boys, The Venture and many more.

“Having four installations of Stay Gold allows me to explore all these elements while maintaining a cohesiveness within each release,” she said.

Click play below and enjoy


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