I just have one question. Where has this girl been all my life?

Brika’s third single ‘Options’ off of her upcoming debut album, gives me a musical style that I have been craving for quite some time.

The song, produced by Julio Reyes Copello and released by Art House Records, features Brika’s stunning vocals and some perfect harmonies.

According to her bio on her label’s website, “Brika was born and raised in Miami with eclectic musical influences. Her music can best be likened to a Pollock painting or a Rauschenberg collage; overflowing with fast, temperamental bursts of creativity, imbued with a daring sense of honesty, and charged with a damning refusal to be categorized or quelled for the sake of fitting a description. Her natural charisma and traveler’s air lend an impulsive and nomadic tone to a body of work characterized by simple, cryptic lyricism and minimalistic production. A true iconoclast, Brika is a talented singer-songwriter with enough rawness and accessibility to enthrall audiences the world over.”

Click play below…

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